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What to Get for a Birthday Gift?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Now that we are empty nesters, life is wonderful!  So what to get for a birthday gift?  How about another dog…what?  I know, I know, it just kinda happened.

We had just come home from our week long Disney vacation and I stopped in to get some dog food at Pet Supermarket.  There was a dog rescue there showing their three dogs and telling about their mission, Satchels Last Chance.  As I looked down into the cage my head snapped around like a crow finding a pretty shiny object! SNAP!

This is what I saw.

Please take me home

Please take me home

The little chihuahua’s name was Carlos.  He had been dropped off on a busy street and after three days of some people trying to catch him, he was hit by a car, shattering his pelvis.  His ex-rays look like the bionic dog.  They look like my legs too.  He almost bled to death (again, a close similarity).  They could only get a surgeon in, not nearby, Largo who was willing to operate on this little 6 lb. pup.  He has two plates and 10 screws holding his hindend together.

We pretty much looked at each other and fell in love.  Punkin, guess what I’m bringing home for my birthday?  Infact, I called Punkin and he said, “no, we don’t need another dog”!  So like any married woman on her birthday would do…I brought him home!

We are actually fostering Carlos for three weeks until his healing is more complete and then will adopt him officially.  We are also changing his name to Mickey since he looks like a small mouse with big ears, duh.

I know I am out of my mind, obviously senility has hit exactly on my birthday.  But, like Alexa says, “when you add the weight of the three Chihuahuas together it barely equals a medium size dog,” so there you go.

He has got so much energy and will to live.  He was neutered yesterday, the day we actually got him, more surgery for the little pup.  Mickey is so darn cute you can’t help but love him, “he’s got great ears” Punkin says.

We have to keep him in the cage and only take him out to hold him and take him out so that he can heal and his bones can knit well with the metal inside his body.  Chihuahuas are not easy to “keep down”, especially having two others, so he isn’t happy when he is in the cage.  It is of utmost importance, however.

When you need to know what to get for a birthday gift, get the gift of taking care of an animal that no one wants.  It is a gift for many, his and ours.

Welcome Mickey to our home!  Fern and Jingle are just thrilled…or will be, I am sure.

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