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Valentine Wedding

Feb 11, 2015 159First I thought I would combine two posts in one; Valentines Day and Weddings.  Then I thought I could post about a valentine wedding.  Then I realized there is just too much to talk about so I am going to give it to you on the cheap! Happy Valentine’s Day.  May love and chocolate surround your dreams all day long. Okay, we got the Valentine thingy out of the way.

Have you planned a wedding lately while working a regular job?  My brain is wigging out and crazed between client design jobs and wedding and shower designs.  I don’t know who gets LED lighted lanterns and who gets a zebra rug??? Actually, I could use that for any of my design or wedding plans.

My daughter, Alexa, and her fiance’, Brett, are getting married at the end of March and I am planning an end of February bridal shower.  A girl bridal shower. I have never been to a couples shower that the guys had fun unless they were in another room drinking, farting, scratching themselves and grunting while watching some sporting event. So let’s not subject them to a time that should be all about the bride, or subject the girls to farting and scratching anyway.

They are having a tropical themed wedding as Brett is a fabulous surfboard builder, you can see his site at  He is such a talent and loves our daughter more than anyone I know.  She is a lucky girl.  I have never seen two young people, or older more mature people for that matter, able to discuss their differences and work things out without having major arguments and screaming matches…Punkin and I in that group.  They have been together for seven years and just got their first apartment in January, which has been a real undertaking as well.

Where do you begin?  Well, I am kind of lucky enough to have a daughter that really wants me to handle the decorating and be the wedding planner.

As a mom, there is nothing better.  As a fulltime working mom, there is nothing worse as there is not enough hours in the day.  But, damn, I so hope it will be awesome for them.

As a designer, the best gift, which Alexa taught me many years ago, is the gift of putting something beautiful together for someone and having them walk in and be totally surprised.  Yes, Alexa is in on the overall design as it is for the two of them, but I am basically pulling it all together and not giving her all the details.

As I mentioned, their theme is a tropical beachy one and their color choices are fushia and orange.

I am planning the wedding shower for about 30+ women.  We will have it on our outdoor lanai area.  For those of you who are upnorth, that is the outdoor area off the house that has a pool and fully screened in.  Did I mention I am planning to have the lanai repainted and cracks patched so it all looks fabulous next week?  That is one thing about a wedding, it forces those “honey do” things around the house that need to be done to get done.  I just ordered fushia and orange outdoor pillows to scatter around the area as well.  Luckily it goes with my interior.  I do a lot of black and white, so any color goes can get dropped in and look good.

We will have 4 round tables with white padded chairs.  Each table will have an orange cloth to the ground with an organza (light flowey fabric) in fushia with a swirled ribbon pattern all over.  Beautiful!  Each chair will have an orange and fushia organza sash tied around it with an orchid or starfish attached.  The tables will all have live fushia orchids (or whatever color is blooming that week).  These will be the gifts for the three games we will play, who doesn’t love shower games?  The guys farting in the other room, that’s who.

Okay, now down to the food.  Cupcakes first because dessert is da bomb!  We have a locally grown cupcake creator, Becky Schultes, owner of My Heavenly Cupcakes,, who will be making some happiness for us.  Oddly, Becky is a paleo follower and personal fitness trainer, yet makes cupcakes.  You can get gluten free and paleo cupcakes or full on calorie laden yummy cupcakes…I am doing full on cupcakes.  Some will be apricot filled and some strawberry with a white cake and cream cheese frosting decorated with fushia and orange and a bit of chartreuse.  I am giving Becky full rein on decorating, whether its orchids or starfish…she will have a vision.  I just turned the reins over to her, crazy, I know.

Since the theme is tropical I am going to use the Hawaiian rolls with a tarragon chicken salad (Ina Gartenesque) and a polynesian meatball slider with a mango chutney.  Endive with diced yellow beets that have been floating in a honey orange liquid, see Martha Stewart February magazine, a polynesian rice made with cocoanut milk, pineapple and pecans and fruit kabobs.  Can you say YUMMY

Oh, don’t forget the drinks.  I think some type of berry sangria since the raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are in right now in the deep south, maybe a raspberry iced tea and coffee.

You know, just writing this blog sets my mind to a happy more calming place.  I know you will want pictures.  These will be taken by my besty best friend, Laura.  Her photos grace our families memories for the past 20 years and no one does it better.  She has an eye that catches the moment, the emotion and the love, just what we want.  I love you L!

Stay tuned for clumps of pulled out hair, screaming, more wine, panic and craziness as time ticks down to the shower next weekend.

What crazy bridal shower story graces your memory?  I would love to hear about it.

2 Responses to Valentine Wedding

  • Sounds wonderful! Can not wait to see the photos! Don’t really have any crazy bridal shower stories to share with you, except for my own. The place accidently double booked the hall, so we were forced so split the room in half and cram two showers in there! My poor mother in law, who booked the place was besides herself! It all worked out in the end and I’m still married to her son! Ha! Good thing you’re having the shower at your house…don’t have to worry about that!

    I myself am in the midst of helping plan a baby shower for my niece for my first great niece! So much fun…our theme is elephants to match the nursery…light pink, bright pink, gray and black. Table decor will be single layer diaper cakes, topped with baby washcloth elephants, and a pink balloon with lots and lots of ribbon streamers! That’s what we worked on last weekend. I wish I could attach a pic!

    Enjoy your party! Looking forward to the pictures!

    • Little baby elephants…how cute is that?? It’s so much work isn’t it? Infact, I tweaked my back yesterday trying to move a 60 lb. flower pot. Not to be confused with twerking, although I probably would have hurt something doing that as well. I can’t believe the shower is this weekend already and I will show pictures. Stay tuned…

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