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Steps to painting a bathroom

Home Painting a Bathroom 005You get the brilliant idea to paint your bathroom…it’s easy, it’s small, it will go quickly.  THIS IS A LIE!  It’s easy if you prepare the room properly, it’s small but depending on the color you are now using and the color it will be going over, it may take three coats, so that is three times the size of that small room.  It will go quickly is just the mechanism in your brain trying to lie to the other mechanism of procrastination so that you get started.

Painting is one of the least expensive decorating tricks; it can give you great bang for your buck.  However, if you don’t prepare the space correctly, you won’t have the wonderful outcome you want.  Having painted my rooms so many times (most rooms are now about six inches smaller from all the coats) I have compiled my steps to painting a bathroom.

  • Buy good quality paint…this is most important for longevity, good coverage and true color.  I love Sherwin Williams paint and use it often.  Do not skimp by going to a big box store and use their brand of paint with the Sherwin Williams color, it is not the same and many times the color is paler, fades and can get chalky, at least this has been my experience.  The employees at Sherwin Williams showrooms are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get the right paint in the right finish for your job.  I love the Emerald line, it goes on like butter and there are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds…the smelly stuff).  I have allergies and cannot be in a house that has just been painted because of the odor.  Can you say headache?
  • Remove all bathroom accessories and window treatments.
  • Remove all electrical outlet covers and put covers and screws in a baggie.  The inside of an outlet cover is also a great place to write the paint color, number and brand that you used on a piece of masking tape, I do it on the cover closest to the light switch, i.e. SW6798 Iceberg
  • Vacuum all the walls, baseboards and any trim.  You can’t believe the cobwebs and dust that are on a wall because you will find it once you have a wet brush or roller and drag the stuff across your walls.
  • Use a damp rag to finish that edge of base molding and window sills.  Those sills have dust, pet hair, finger nails and the back of that earring you lost three years ago sticking in the corners.  Again, using a brush wet with paint is not the time to find the globs of pet hair only to be dragged over a newly painted wall!  Woof
My Disney pencil sharpener, string, fur, ick.

My Disney pencil sharpener, string, fur, ick.

  • Tape off the hardware attached to the wall that cannot be removed, i.e., towel rods and robe hooks.  Tape off the moldings, edge of cabinets and door casings.  I like to tape.  Taping takes a bit of time, but I don’t have to worry about getting paint all over these pieces and then have more cleanup.
Tape off around items not removeable

Tape off around items not removeable

  • Using a 2-1/2″ sash brush paint all edges around ceilings, moldings, trim and outlets on one wall and then come back and use a roller to finish that wall before moving to next wall.
2 or 2-1/2" sash brush. These are gently used.

2 or 2-1/2″ sash brush. These are gently used.

  • I use a 1/2″ thick roller on my walls which have a light orange peel finish on them and use a very small, smooth roller to get behind the toilet.  Do not roll fast just to get done or paint will probably splatter and now you have cleanup on top of everything else.
Small and narrow helps in the tight spots.

Small and narrow helps in the tight spots.

  • Have a small damp rag handy for fast clean ups when you do hit that ceiling or trim with the roller…oops.

Obviously, these steps to painting a bathroom work for any room in your house, you still have dust, pet hair, finger nails and backs of earrings in all those rooms nook and crannies (you might even find a Disney collectible), you just don’t know it until you do the steps.  Infact, I am going to call these bullet points the…wait for it, wait for it…The 9-Step Program of Paint.

Stay tuned for my actual easy, small, it will go quickly bathroom redo.  The painting was easy, small and quick, its the rest of the embellishments that take time.  (Gotta sew the roman shades…sigh.)

Disclaimer:  I am not compensated to recommend any products, Sherwin Williams just happens to be a paint I love and use regularly, it may even show up in my Love It! Hate It! post at some point.  The painters I use for my clients design projects also get Sherwin Williams paint…remember… Good Paint…Good Prep…Good End Result!

6 Responses to Steps to painting a bathroom

  • Thanks for the pointers :) can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.

  • Brilliant idea to write the cotlor of the paint inside the light switch cover.

    • Thanks Laura. I actually found out the last time I painted the bathroom was 2003 because the kids wrote the date behind my medicine cabinet, along with a hand turkey…I put a picture in the place of the cabinet..who needs it anyway, right?

  • Ok, we have painting the bathroom as a “to do” item on our list of household projects. We just got done painting our living room and kitchen. Our house is pretty open so I want to make sure that the color in the bathroom does not clash with the orange in the living room and a crisp and clean tan in the kitchen. I have no idea of what colors would go with orange and tan to flow into the bathroom. Any ideas?

  • Great tips Janet. thanks

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