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Shepherd’s Hook Floral for Outdoor Beach Wedding

No color wedding background

No color wedding background

A beach wedding is very white.  At least on our beach in Sarasota, Florida because of the fine white sand.  The bridal party will be in light colors, at least the groomsmen are.  So we need some color!

My middle name should have been color.  Yup, Janet Color Timinsky…has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?

I love to mix it, blend it, play with it.  This is why I am thrilled that Alexa chose fushia and orange; tropical colors that make your mouth water and your breath quicken…just lovely.

That being said, we need to bring some color in at the actual wedding and walk down the beach.  We have a bamboo canopy with white tuelle and white chairs again white sand.  The girls are wearing fushia, but we still need a bit more pretty to stand out against the white of the sand and the blue of the water.  It also makes for better pictures as this will be a sunset wedding.  If, and that’s a big IF, God decides to make it a pretty sunset kind of day.  Otherwise all bets are off.

So I purchased eight 48″ twisted white shepherd’s hooks to line a partial aisle for Alexa to walk.

Next I bought eight clear mason jars and sprayed them a dappled silver leaf.

Fill the cart with abandon

Fill the cart with abandon

As you can see I also had a cart full of florals because I really wasn’t sure where I was going.  In the end, I only used two of the five styles purchased.  The orange dahlia I wrapped around the mason jars mouth.  I will have to have Punkin do the rest as the wire in the floral is very heavy and doesn’t want to bend.  I managed to bend it and tie it with wire and pliers after 15 minutes, but my fingers and nails will never be the same.

Then I used the fushia floral bush and cut it into three pieces.  Each bush gives me three jars.

Cut into 3 pieces

Cut into 3 pieces

I had the brilliant idea to take the two outer stems and bend them down and wrap them to the main stem to form a heart…awwwwww.  The center stem I just curled to give it a natural look and popped it into the jar.

Bend into heart shape

Bend into heart shape

Then I happen to have several large (about 8″) white bumpy starfish that I added.  I love how simple this looks and nothing else is needed.



Finally, I will add some ribbon to give the jar a loop and way to hang onto the shepherd’s hook and will have to figure out to have everything nice and snug.

I would love to get some fushia and orange petals to make a swirly pattern on the sand for her to walk through.  Again, if it isn’t windy, it could work.

Alexa will love this…can’t wait for her to see it.

8 Responses to Shepherd’s Hook Floral for Outdoor Beach Wedding

  • Beautiful! You are right Alexa will love it.

    • Beautiful! I love it and Alexa will.

    • Hi Belinda…I am so glad you found my blog. Wait until you see pics from the shower, it was a total success and as beautiful as I imagined it to be. Alexa Loved the lingerie you sent…wow, was that a thong or an eye patch? It was tiny either way, Brett will love :)

      • I can’t believe how are lives have truly followed the same path. You have got to be so happy for Kathy and I definitely want to talk about what you are doing for your shower. We live happy lives and so do our children…what more can we ask for?

  • Fuchsia and Orange one of my favorite color combos!!! Patiently waiting to see pictures!

    • Oops! I just saw you did post shower pics…not too observant! Lol!

      • Jean, more pics to come. Laura, my BFF, will be giving me great pics. So many other things are hitting now as we are under three weeks for the wedding…the excitement is huge. If only I didn’t have to work for a living for someone else. I know I should have been taken home by the Vanderbilts, but that’s another story!

    • Love the colors too…but it will be a bit before I can get more pics posted. I am in two week countdown and feel like my head is going to explode. However, the one thing that is saving me right now is a list. The list lets me sleep at night because I know certain things are accounted for and I don’t have to remember them. Yes, I add to the list, but I check off a heck of a lot. I only have four more days to prepare where I am not working, so the lists are HUGE! I think I will have to do a post on lists when this is complete and how they mentally help. Or, maybe it was more wine…well, either way.

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