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Recycling…do you do it?

May 2014 Fire Recycle 104I guess when you get to be 50 something…notice I said YOU…not me, YOU start to think how you can make a difference, what are we leaving behind, how can I feed worms?  The day I actually used the recycle bags I bought at my grocery store (I forgot them in my trunk for a year..I kid you not) was an epiphany.  I wanted to yell out “hey…look at me…I’m recycling”!  Nobody looked, but I didn’t yell that loud.  This seemed like such a “no big deal” thing to do, however, the feeling was very real.  Is that sappy or what, don’t know, but it made me feel good.  I made a difference at that moment.  Yes, I still forget the bags sometimes and it makes me mad when I think of all that plastic just blowing in the wind, I mean those plastic bags are really crappy.  They are so thin that both of those bottles of wine could fall out at any moment and that would really piss me off!

So that got me wondering about other ways I could recycle.  We do the normal cans, bottles, plastic and paper recycling but how about food things?  I didn’t realize all the food scraps we throw away so I bought a ceramic compost keeper from a local Goodwill at about $3.00 what a steal!  All my fruit and veggie parts, egg shells and too far gone herbs go in that before carting out to my compost heap.  Here’s the thing…I know this makes great soil, but I just dump it all in an area out back and leave it.  I have great compost and when I turn the dirt over and see those fat juicy worms, I know I did a good thing in keeping them well fed.  The thought of pulling the soil out into the hot, dry or overly wet areas for my plants kind of makes me feel bad.  Those worms are happy in the composted soil, eating, pooping, turning the soil, making more little wormies.

May 2014 Fire Recycle 099

I save good looking bottles and make my vinaigrettes in those.  No, I don’t pull off the labels and make Martha Stewart printed labels or chalkboard labels to make them look cool, I just use the bottle with the label that came with it!  Although, if you want to go down to your nearest Polish art shop and purchase those labels, by all means go ahead…I don’t have the friggin time.

Counter Cleaner

Counter Cleaner

The citrus is also great for mixing with white vinegar and using to clean my kitchen cabinets and Formica counters.  It totally takes away the smell of vinegar and smells like citrus.  I also use citrus parts and pieces, mixed with water, vanilla and rosemary from my EarthBox and simmer on the stove for that Williams Sonoma aroma.  Toss in a cinnamon stick and it’s really yummy…a summery smell versus a heavy winter aromatic.  When it losses its luster, I just go out and toss it in the compost heap…the worms like their house smelling nice too.

Smell it, don't eat it!

Smell it, don’t eat it!

What do you do to recycle?

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  • Don’t forget to put citrus when it’s old down the garbage disposal. Makes it smell nice too.

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