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Tuesday Tweak that Design

cooltext165712188847465Take a look around your home and move a few pictures from the wall and swap them with another picture in another part of your home.  See how this opens up possibilities for redecorating a space.  I do not suggest taking the pictures of bathtubs and bringing those into the dining area, however.  Then again, maybe you eat in the tub…bubbly anyone? 

New Daily Feature

cooltext165712188847465Its called Daily Paisley.  It can be difficult to post daily or even three times a week, especially when it must include photos into the schedule.  So I would like to have a daily feature that just gives you a little food for thought or something for you to fit into your schedule or a little tidbit that just makes you go….huh or even… Continue reading

Animals and Interior Decorating

Big Dog, Big Issue

Big Dog, Big Issue

Lets face it, our pets are our children.  Our pets can also destroy our attempts at having a beautiful home.  Enter my latest design project.

This is George.  (Sorry about the crappy photo, taken with my Ipad2)  The name has been changed to protect the innocent.  George is a 14 month old St. Bernard who weighs in at a… Continue reading

White, the color of the year!

A little white paint

Corbels made new again

So, according to Wikipedia, white is what is called an achromatic color or ”color without hue”, that is a mixture of the frequencies of all the colors of the visible spectrum that we can see.  (What that means is it is a combination of equal parts of red, blue and yellow.)  I think I need to try that.  So Wikipedia… Continue reading

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Embellish \im-'be-lish\
1. to make beautiful with ornamentation embchocolatebox

2. to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details. embchocolatebox

3. to make a crappy story sound a whole lot better. embchocolatebox

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