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Repurposed Reused Redo-ed Stuff

Cheap Stuff RedoWouldn’t you like to see some repurposed reused redo-ed stuff?  Yea, me too.  I am working on some projects for your eyes only.

My projects will use cheap, or even better, free stuff like pallets and old wood, fabrics and whatnots (what’s a whatnot anyway…) and things from Dollar Tree and Ikea as well as finds from local thrift shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army and… Continue reading

Guest Bathroom Redo

Guest bathroomOur guest bathroom redo began as most ideas do, because I thought it would go quickly.   However, most projects are done quickly in your mind, but slowly in life.  (See my post Steps to Painting a Bathroom.)  The other reason I had this brilliant idea is because my daughter is getting married next March and I have been inspired to get certain… Continue reading

Steps to painting a bathroom

Home Painting a Bathroom 005You get the brilliant idea to paint your bathroom…it’s easy, it’s small, it will go quickly.  THIS IS A LIE!  It’s easy if you prepare the room properly, it’s small but depending on the color you are now using and the color it will be going over, it may take three coats, so that is three times the size of that small room. … Continue reading

Love it! ChapStick

Love It!

Love It!

Love it! ChapStick! How many times have you needed some type of waxy moisturizing product?  Always, right? Well, ChapStick is small enough to carry everywhere you go, in a pocket, a purse, even your bra (this is why we wear one, that bra can carry many things, including ChapStick). Here are my top uses for ChapStick! Cheap Stuff Our Love Rants and Raves
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Janet TiminskyI love being a decorator & coming up with ideas and "embellishments" for my client's homes. Style should be what makes you smile, comfortable,livable & honest. Just remember, sometimes when you change the doorbell you end up changing the roof. ~Janet Timinsky
Embellish \im-'be-lish\
1. to make beautiful with ornamentation embchocolatebox

2. to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details. embchocolatebox

3. to make a crappy story sound a whole lot better. embchocolatebox

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