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Outdoor Decorating Redo


Outdoor deer decor

Outdoor deer decor


Let’s play a game.

Rule 1.  I come up with a pretty outdoor idea.

Rule 2.  I uncover the missing large pieces from the garage attic and haul them down a 10 ft. ladder.

Rule 3.  I decide they look a bit too rusty and go to Home Depot to buy a can of white spray paint…on a Sunday (extra points).

Rule 4.  I paint the large pieces even though my heart is racing and I am not feeling well, pop a Xanax (double extra points).

Rule 5.  I arrange the large pieces so they will look pretty from inside the house and for total strangers and neighbors to see from the outside.

Rule 6.  I take a picture to show on my blog for all of you to see and clap and enjoy (triple extra points for thinking about others).


When someone does not read the rules of Outdoor Decorating Redo, when someone does not care about the game of Outdoor Decorating Redo, when someone likes to make others cry while on Xanax (deduction of all points for that person and a life ban from playing the game), this is what happens!

Not appropriate deer positioning!

Not appropriate deer positioning!

Okay, laugh if you want to, but I bet you will all cry (you get points back if you do)!

I, however, will shake my head and realize, this is MY game of life.  Always has been and all my points don’t mean crap!

I have alot of points though and I realize Rule 8:

Rule 8.  There is no crying in Outdoor Decorating Redo.

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