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New Year’s Resolution

Siesta Key Sunset

Siesta Key Sunset

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?  It is so easy to make a resolution and then forget it two weeks later.  Notice the ads on tv for weight loss that are in full force the beginning of the year because everyone joins and then disappears from the gym a month later.  I hate that!

I figure if I make a resolution I have to stick to it, especially if I put it here in front of everyone to see.  So here are my “resolutions”.



January -  Drink more water, eat more cleanly and begin Yoga

February – Create more weekly blog posts

March – Enjoy my daughter and soon to be son-in-law’s wedding

April – Design my studio space

May - Work on getting more blog viewers and comments

June – Plan crafts to make for Christmas

July – Complete interior house projects

August – Win Lottery

September – Birthday month, relax and go to Disney

October – Relook at blog, Christmas crafts and finish any house projects

November – Enjoy the Thanksgiving season and prepare for Christmas

December – Relax again during the whirlwind of a holiday

The idea of having a different resolution every month seems far more doable and much more fun!

To my family and friends, lets enjoy each other, notice life’s little gifts and watch the sunset every now and then.

















It doesn’t have to be so hard.  What are your resolutions and will you keep them?  Let me know and have a Happy New Year!

6 Responses to New Year’s Resolution

  • Happy New Year Janet! I love the idea of one resolution a month…it takes 21 days of doing something to make it a habit, so if you’re successful in doing something that long, it just might become part of your daily routine! I’m going to try to journal everyday, so I can reflect upon my year on Dec 31st…let’s see how that goes!

    • Jean, you should start your own blog..and write everyday. It’s a great history. Happy New Year my friend, I’m going for a glass of water…or I could do some downward facing dog and just lap up some water…a twofer!

      • A blog is too much of a commitment for me right now…let’s see how the journaling goes! Have another glass of water! lol!

        • Sure, now I have the flu. See, this is what water, clean eating and yoga do to a body! Writing is great…it’s fun to go back and see what you wrote a year ago. I will be saying, should have increased the wine intake which sanitizes the insides…duh.

  • I love the idea of monthly resolutions. So, how’s it working for you? Maybe I will try this starting in June so the pressure will be off if I try it for New Years! You my friend are a hoot!!!!!!

    • Actually, Janice, that’s not a bad idea. Have a mid-year resolution so you can either get back on track or tweek the original. Since my daughter just got married, I can probably get more zen time because I am not planning a big soirée. However, I am bad, bad in the exercise department. You have made me think about that and I know you do such a good job exercising…I need some of your commitment…more than some…a lot!

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