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New Year Resolution Update

Healthier Eating

Healthier Eating

So, where are you with your mid-year New Year’s Resolutions?  I was absolutely nowhere before my daughter’s wedding.  Yea, that was a good excuse.
One thing I have discovered is that time does not weight wait for you and though I collect clocks, I can’t turn or stop that time either.  When it comes to your health, only you and I have the stopwatch in our hands.
I was not happy with how I was feeling, looking, thinking.  Brain fog, no energy, clothes fitting too tightly and all those things are sometimes not enough to make us hit that stopwatch.  Then, something does.

It was no earth shattering hospital visit (I am trying to avoid those, been there, done that) just a simple website.  I have been hearing about this particular doctor from some of my european clients.  After hearing his name mentioned for the fourth time, I listened.  His name is Dr. Mercola and I googled him.

Strangely enough, I had not heard his name when it came to weight loss or dieting, but airborne allergens, toxins, etc.  I had been having chest pains/pressure and dry eyes and started thinking about all the chemicals, flame retardants and pesticides that are put on all the furniture, fabric and bedding that I work with each day.  I remembered that when I first started in the industry that my first six months I could barely swallow.  My throat would feel like I had shards of glass lining it as I swallowed.  Yet the pain would go away in the evening when I wasn’t working and I felt so much better after having two days off.  I didn’t know if I could keep working in the design industry, which was my life’s passion.  I did go to my doctor and told her my symptoms and that I truly thought, lets start with allergies first since that is the one thing that my family carries throughout the generations.  So I went on Zertec-D and a nasal spray and after 1-1/2 weeks my chest tightness disappeared.   My eyes are still extremely dry and I do think it is because of the chemicals, but I am taking drops to alleviate that.

I went to Dr. Mercola’s website and my life has since changed.  Not only did he talk about the chemicals and toxic products we are exposed to but his daily articles are something that pertain to almost every one of us.  While reading some articles I came across his nutritional typing.  There are about 35 questions and once answered he sends you your nutritional type and how to follow a lifestyle that works for you.  This is all FREE!  So, turns out, I am a protein type.  Meaning eating a lot of protein and almost equal parts fat, some veggies and if I feel like it, a pear or apple every now and then.  The key here is to give up gluten and commercial sugars and buy only organic, which I have been slowly working towards already.

It has been relatively easy, albeit expensive.  Eating organically and including higher protein than I normally ate is not for the cheap of heart, but for the health of heart, at least mine.  I find I am not hungry between meals and really, I am only eating three meals and maybe a small snack.  The difficult part is planning your meals, especially on days that I work.  I have not eaten any pasta nor bread, but am now trying to add gluten free bread into my lifestyle.  Brown rice is fine as long as it is organic.  I really am enjoying the hunt for gluten free, organic foods.  Every time I buy “free roaming, organically fed brown eggs” I see chickens running on a farm and having a life, it makes me happy.

I bought a Nordictrack 1750 treadmill and put it smack dab in the middle of my family room! Does it go with my decor…absolutely not, but this is for me and I want to watch tv and be in air conditioning while I am working out.

Actually, this is all for me, I am being selfish and I am not feeling guilty about it one iota!

I will give you some recipes and tips as I go along.  After only a month of doing this people have started to notice…my daughter, Alexa, saw me yesterday after a week and she said, “omg mom, you really are losing weight, you look HOT”!  I feel hot!

Oh, and most importantly, I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP WINE, lets be real here.   Okay, and if I am being truly honest, she is using the treadmill!  I’m working on it…I just bought new sneakers today.  It’s about the look sometimes!!

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