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cooltext165712188847465Its called Daily Paisley.  It can be difficult to post daily or even three times a week, especially when it must include photos into the schedule.  So I would like to have a daily feature that just gives you a little food for thought or something for you to fit into your schedule or a little tidbit that just makes you go….huh or even HUH?  I am thinking of the following titles for each day of the week:

Monday Money…these are simple ideas to make money or lose money…who knows.

Tuesday Tweak that Design…quick design ideas for you to ponder, complete or ignore.

Wednesday Weirdness…that kind of says it all (anything is fair game here).

Thursday Throw Away…and who can’t benefit from throwing something out.

Friday Family…maybe its mine, maybe its yours…maybe its one I wish I belonged.

So, let me know what you think or if you have any good suggestions.  Of course, I will be the deciding factor whether your suggestion is any good or not.

This idea was suggested to me by my favorite designer, Samir Hanna, whom I work with.  He will live vicariously through my blog since he doesn’t have one of his own.  Great suggestion, see how easy that was?  Hmmmmmm, I will have to quiz the other designers and see who wants to live through me too.  There will probably be plenty to fill up Wednesday Weirdness knowing them. 

So in honor of the new idea…here we go!

MONDAY MONEY – run quickly into your family room, preferably while no one is around and check under all your cushions to find any loose change, if none is available or you have cushions that are not removable (see, I am thinking about design here as well), dash out to your car and check under your seat.  Let me know how much you find.  I have 18 cents from the car!  Into the piggy bank, only $8.09 away from a bottle of Apothic Red!  Cheers

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