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Family Room

Family Room

Sometimes you just have to sit back, take a breathe, shake your head and have a glass of wine while you contemplate shit.

Like many designers, decorators, homemakers and anyone that is crafty or wants to be, most of us buy a lot of decorating and crafting books.  One of my passions is reading these books.  Actually, I don’t read them.  Honestly, I look at the pretty pictures and then read a connecting article…maybe.  Usually just look at the pictures and then at my own space and wish I had a different space…like in the book or magazine.

Well, my life has been rocked in the strangest way by my latest book.  I thought when I received it that it would be this beautiful hardcover shiny book filled with gorgeous pictures and, really, another wish book.

It came in a brown envelope, was a smallish soft cover book.  WITH NO PICTURES!  What what?

I am reading, and I did say reading, Love the Home you Have by Melissa Michaels.  I have been following her blog,  for the last two years while I contemplated my own blog.  Her blog was selected as 2014 Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  I was lucky enough to be selected, with many others, to help promote her book. Everyone is reading her chapters so quickly yet something happened to me that seemed so different.

I read the first three pages and closed the book.  What kind of decorating book is this?

Melissa wrote about loving what is in front of you and not always wanting the next room, the next accessory, the next house to make you happy. I actually closed the book after the first few pages and decided to let that sink in, simmer and stew.

For me…it has been very profound and has stopped me in my tracks. Maybe it was the near death episodes in the last two years, maybe because we just became empty nesters in the last month. Who knows?

As a designer I am always thinking of what’s next, what can I change, what can I paint or buy to change my space or someone else’s. Why?

I don’t really know.

What I do know is I, and probably most people, keep changing.


Still don’t know.

I have wanted a studio of my own for the last 30 years, I finally have my chance.

I thought I had it all figured out.

I go to bed at night dreaming of the $300 double roll of this great bird wallpaper I want, a cool desk, cabinets, rugs, awesome chairs, Hollywood glam accessories, a bit of animal print and a kickass chandelier!


I don’t honestly know why. The confusion is strong and is making me take an inner look….Melissa…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Here’s what. You have made me really, and I mean really think, why do I need all of these things that I don’t have. Why am I buying more, changing again…it isn’t giving me what I want…is it?

Peace, calm, zen, love, happiness. I think I have those things…do I?

Here is my goal. I am a little leery about putting it out there on the WWW because it will make me accountable. Accountable if I am really honest with myself.

However, I am going to use what I have.

When I go back and read that paragraph about what I think of at night for my studio…I really do think it is me?  But dang it…I have bought so much shit for my house in the last 30 years that I am sick of it and you know what…why don’t I have any of those items that I think I want for my studio? Who was I buying for and what the hell was I buying…pink bunnies?

Well, here it is!

If I am that good as a designer, I should be able to change things I have or freebies that are given to me to make my studio reflect ME. Not the trends, not my fellow designers, but really me. If I want that bird wallpaper…I can paint it. If I want a kickass chandelier…I can find it at Goodwill or I already have it in my garage! If I want some animal print, I already have a fabric sitting in my craft closet!

This whole idea has really rocked me to the core and made me question my own design space and are these ideas mine or from Pinterest? Am I following a trend or a magazine or can I really come up with me?

Who am I? After doing design for everyone else for so long, I don’t know if I can figure out me. You know what? I can create these things from what I have! I do have what I already need. I just need to tweak it and be my creative, gypsy self!

Follow me figure it out. Bring wine…in a box, bottle, whatever…lots of it! Melissa, I don’t know if I can make it to the next chapter…really, I am going to need a personal yogi!

…and I could use a yogi for my studio, I know for a fact I don’t have one of those.  Ahhhhhhhh, but I do have a cd of one.  Good enough!

6 Responses to Love the Home you Have

  • You have a chandelier in your garage? Girl, you have a problem! I know I’ve collected shit over the years with grandiose ideas of refinishing, but it never gets done, because I just don’t have the time to do it! Monday is spring pick up be the city, people put their junk on the side of the curb…saw a really cool old dresser…thought about calling my son to help me pick it up, but then I came to my senses! As I’m getting older, I’m just trying to simplify! Good read Janet!

    • Thanks Jean…I can always count on your good comments. I know, Kidney Foundation has been the recipient of so many good things that I could have done something with. Okay, I have to admit, I have three light fixtures in my garage. I am thinking of making a terrarium or fish bowl out of one of them. I need to get on these things and post them…if I only knew the secret to doing all these things and work at the same time. Ughhhhhhhhhh

  • Good for you, Janet. Creativity starts at home. Time to develop your own style that others want to copy. You know the rules, time to break them. As for the chandelier in the garage, maybe time to use it in an unconventional way if you like it. If not, time to part. If many of us did not share your passion for decor and acquisition, there would be fewer tag sales, rental storage places and donations to Goodwill. Sounds like you are just growing more confident as a designer, whic is good.

    • Thanks Beth…and I think you are right. There is a reason so many go to Goodwill and Salvation Army to look for vintage pieces…we just need to see the potential in what we have now. That chandelier is going to be something. Got any suggestions?

  • Hi Janet,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love this post! I moved 2.5 years ago and took as little as possible with me. I did get some new things. I’m happy with how it turned out. But I did end up painting a lot of it including the upholstered chairs. They are my fave! xo, Laurel

    • Thanks back, Laurel. You painted your upholstered chairs…the wood or the fabric? I would love to see that. I actually saw some fabric spray paint at Michaels and thought about giving it a try. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Stop by again:)

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