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Love it! ChapStick

Love It!

Love It!

Love it! ChapStick! How many times have you needed some type of waxy moisturizing product?  Always, right? Well, ChapStick is small enough to carry everywhere you go, in a pocket, a purse, even your bra (this is why we wear one, that bra can carry many things, including ChapStick). Here are my top uses for ChapStick!

  • When coloring your own hair, directions usually suggest some type of moisturizer around your hairline so you don’t end up with your skin being the same color as your hair.  Natural Dark Brown is great on your hair (not your skin).  Use ChapStick, just run it around your hairline and over your ears.
  • In a pinch, ChapStick is a great moisturizer on your face.
  • Dry cuticles?…Yup, ChapStick!
  • I have used ChapStick when I ran out of my regular eye makeup remover, it glides on gently.
  • Wood drawer not opening or closing well, you guessed it, run some along the wooden drawer glides.  I was out of tapered candles and ChapStick did the trick.
  • After a bad cold when your nose is red and sore, ChapStick makes it feel better.
  • Its great in crafting when you don’t want to paint an area on certain items, a bit of ChapStick acts as a resist keeping the paint away.
  • I actually put ChapStick on my black leather pumps before I ran out in the rain…water beaded right off.
  • Keep squirrels from climbing up my bird feeder pole, yessiree…CHAPSTICK!  Okay, not really, I used vaseline and spray Pam!

By the way, I don’t get any compensation from the ChapStick people to tell you what I like about their product, I just love it all on my own.  What have you used your ChapStick for?

7 Responses to Love it! ChapStick

  • I don’t use “Chapstick” rather “BurtsBees”, does this make a difference? Great post!

  • This is so cool and timely. On Tuesday a friend of mine almost did not show up for a get together we had due to her own hair coloring job the night before. She could not get the color off of her skin. I am texting her literally right now with your suggestion. Thanks a bunch!

    • Unfortunately you have to put the ChapStick on BEFORE you color…although it might help get the new color off the skin too…it takes some rubbing that’s for sure.

  • Great tips Janet would never have thought of using chapstick on my cuticles.

  • I’ve used chapstick on my face to stop the bleeding from small shaving cuts for years and also the cuticle trick.

    • Great idea…next time I cut my chin while trying to shave off the crazy eyebrow I will use it too!

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