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How to start an interior decorating project

Start decorating with a rug

Start decorating with a rug

So many people do not know how to start an interior decorating project.  They go out to a furniture store looking for furniture, but really don’t know what they want.  They want furniture for their empty living room, but end up walking out the door more confused than ever.  You need a plan and a starting point.

An interior decorating project should have a starting point.  This could be a painting or piece of art you LOVE or a RUG.  These are my favorite and easiest pieces to work from.

I often direct my clients to our rug department and start there.  Many times the clients often say they want a neutral sofa, but what is neutral?  Is it beige, white, cream, gray, brown?

It becomes difficult to select even the sofa if there is nothing to compare a color or texture from.

A rug (even wall to wall rug) helps.  In Florida, so many of our floors are wood or tile, so an area rug is a no brainer.

Look through a gallery of area rugs and select a few that really speak to you.  It will usually be the color that does the talking first and the pattern or print second.  When you stop at one that you really LOVE, whether it is the color or the pattern or both, you have found your inspirational STARTING piece.  Don’t be afraid that it may be too busy, after all, you are adding a sofa and/or loveseat, an occasional chair or two and a cocktail table or ottoman.

If you can, have the rug put down on the floor as the light makes the color and texture better than when it is hanging.  Now you can really see what colors are prevalent.  Select a neutral color, whether it be light or dark and now you can select a sofa based on that color.  Use the next color you like best and add an accent chair or two or maybe an ottoman in that shade, whether a solid or a pattern.

Now take a color that may be a bit more bold and use that as accents like pillows, throws, candles, florals and other accessories.

Your walls may now take on the more neutral color as well, possibly a bit lighter or darker.

Neutral color rug

Neutral color rug

Using this rug, your sofa could be a pale cream or white leather or fabric, add two occasional chairs in a pale gray linen, a glass topped cocktail table with and add some pillows for your sofa in a burnt orange and toss an orange and gray throw on the chairs.  This is just a nice beginning.

Then add end tables in wood, glass or metal, or mix them up and you have a great room that looks pulled together and hopefully you will LOVE it because of that first inspirational item, a rug.

Lastly, don’t settle for something you don’t truly love just because it is cheaper!  In the long run, you will not be happy and you will wish you had the other piece.  Even if you have to wait until you save up enough to have that LOVED piece, it is well worth the wait, trust me!

I know I used the work LOVE a lot here.  However, your home should be a place you just can’t wait to come home to every day.  That is a true gift that you should give yourself and your LOVED ones…even the pups!

If you have an interior decorating project question, feel free to ask me and I will answer in the comments area.  If it is something I hear a lot of questions about, I just might write an entire post about it.  See what you started?  LOVE ya!

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