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How to Make Pizza



Yes it is the beginning of the new year and all the past food splurges and dinners has worn me out. Today I just wanted to make something easy, yummy and different, but also would use some of the leftovers in my fridge.

Surely this is how the pizza was born.  That and soup the perfect clean out your fridge foods!

I ran to the store for two, already prepared, pizza balls as I did not have any yeast, of course I could have purchased that at the time.

Let’s be honest,  I didn’t feel like making dough…okay, now you know.

Before cooking I had the dough rise, carmelized onions and mushrooms, sliced up fresh tomatoes from my garden and browned the sausage.

Dough rising in oven

Dough rising in oven

Carmelizing onions

Carmelizing onions

Pickled onions for chicken pizza

Sliced tomatoes from my garden! They were so sweet.


Browned sausage with sage, fennel and hot pepper flakes

Browned sausage with sage, fennel and hot pepper flakes

Pickled onions out of the pickled eggs jar

Pickled onions out of the pickled eggs jar

Punkin is going to cook on the Green Egg grill outside and I will bake the other in the oven inside, just in case we burn the outside one. Punkin loves the Green Egg, but in the past we used just a regular pizza stone and the crust would burn too quickly.  (Note to self…be careful of what you think may happen as you put those very thoughts out into the universe!  See postscript below.)

This year, Santa brought Punkin a Green Egg Pizza Stone, which is able to take the high temperatures of 600 to 700 degrees. But, let’s just play it safe and have a backup, shall we? (Again, thoughts in space may actually happen…I should have thought about winning the lottery and buying a pizza cafe instead.)

Here are ingredients and how to make pizza for outdoor Green Egg Pizza

Punkin’s BBQ Blitz Pizza

The Shed’s Original BBQ Sauce
A shredded chicken breast from last nights rotisserie chicken from Sams Club
Shredded smokey Gouda cheese left from New Year’s Eve cheese platter
Pickled onions from my sister-in-laws pickled eggs recipe given to us for Christmas (amazing…recipe in another post)
Sliced black olives (New Year’s Eve leftover again)
After baking is done I will toss on some arugula (yup, New Year’s Eve leftover)

For my pizza cooked in the kitchen oven we will call it…

Janet’s Sausage and Veg Touchdown Pizza

Pizza sauce and I add a tsp. of agave to it for the sweetness
Pork sausage from the freezer and added fennel, fresh sage, minced garlic and hot pepper flakes (all cooked an hour ago)
Florida sweet onions that I carmelized
Sliced portobella mushrooms carmelized
Sliced black olives
Chunks of mozzarella cheese (from the cheese appetizer on Christmas)
Then that arugula makes its appearance on my pizza as well after cooking.

Arugula tossed on a pizza after cooking just adds a slightly bitter but fresh ending. Almost like tossing on fresh basil over spaghetti, but not nearly as pungent and strong, although you could do that as well depending on your taste.   I have said it before, recipes are guidelines and then depending on your taste and creativeness it just paves the way to some very stunning flavors and textures that become favorites for you and your family.

Cooking is very much like decorating. There are trends and traditions that many of us steer to and then we make that trend our own. So have fun with my recipe guidelines and let me know how you tweek them for yourself.

Happy New Year to everyone!  Wine with Everything!

Postscript…the Green Egg pizza didn’t even make it off of the pizza peel!  I don’t know what happened, but this is the second time we could not get the raw pizza dough off the peel and onto the pizza stone.  I covered the peel with olive oil before laying and stretching the dough into a round and then added the toppings.  When Punkin went to slide it off, the toppings fell right into the coals and the dough just laid there determined not to move an inch.  Punkin brought the “glob” of dough back in minus the toppings as they became crisps and I had to salvage what I could into a makeshift or lets call it “very rustic” pizza using what little toppings I could now scrape together. He still really loved the flavor and mine was supreme.

Bottom pizza is the new rustic pizza

Bottom pizza is the new rustic pizza

New Year’s resolution…figure out how to make pizza on the Green Egg yet again and be careful of the thoughts you put into the universe.


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