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Hate It – Daylight Savings Time?

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Do we really need Daylight Savings Time?  I don’t think so.  While I did a little research online and came across an article from a sleep study, it shows that there are more fatal accidents, heart attacks and injuries on the job after the changing of the clock.  Plus, in Arizona, where they do not participate, except a few Indian reservations that do, they don’t have these problems, duh?  Don’t mess with our sleep man!

In Florida we have the least variation in daylight hours so it really is adding nothing but grief for us.  At a time of year where the humidity dissipates and we get a bit cooler, like below 80 degrees, IT’S NOW DARK!  So most of that beautiful weather we get to finally enjoy after work is happening by the ugly glow of an old light bulb!  Because who has the time, unless you are married to an electrician, to be cognizent of the latest and greatest lower watt, lower heat, better ambient light bulbs, am I right?  Of course I am.  Although I am married to said electrician, aka Punkin, I have more light bulbs that don’t work than those that do.  I know, I know, the barbers kids have the longest hair, insert here.  Whatev.

THEN THERE IS THE CHANGING OF THE CLOCKS THEMSELVES…WHAT?*&$^%@*&#  Okay, let me tell you what I have to change twice a year along with batteries in the smoke detectors, my underwear and a new wine bottle opener (like to keep those babies sharp for quick release)!

So, did I mention in a prior post that I collect clocks, (and watches)?  Okay, I don’t change the ones on my hallway wall collection, they are preset to memorable times in my life, however, the watches are a different story.  I have 12 of them to change and I now realize I have to get batteries for four of those…see, it’s a snowball effect, something else to have to do.  Let’s move on shall we?

Clock on my side of the bed…………clock by Punkin’s side of the bed………..clock in the family room that is heavy and hung high on the wall over the fireplace……clock on the water heater in the master bedroom so I don’t jump in a shower of cold water (that pisses me off)…..clock on the sprinklers in the backyard…..clock on the hose to add water to the pool…….clock in my car…….clock in Punkin’s truck…..clock in the work van……clocks in my old office, which there are three………….clocks in my new studio…..there are four (HEY DON’T JUDGE, I COLLECT CLOCKS OKAY?)…..clock on the microwave…..clock on the stovetop.

Are you kidding?  Now I get to do that again in six months????? and for what?  Oh yeah, so I remember to get a new wine opener, change my underwear and get to work on time!


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