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Guest Bathroom Redo

Guest bathroomOur guest bathroom redo began as most ideas do, because I thought it would go quickly.   However, most projects are done quickly in your mind, but slowly in life.  (See my post Steps to Painting a Bathroom.)  The other reason I had this brilliant idea is because my daughter is getting married next March and I have been inspired to get certain things done around the house because of this time deadline.  Seems reasonable, right?…I digress.

The existing color was a deep, very deep grayish green, which looked great with our maple vanity and the ceiling was Sherwin Williams Ivoire (love this color).    I am not a fan of blue but I use it so often for clients, I decided to try this coastal pale shade by Sherwin Williams that I saw on the Pottery Barn website.  It is called Iceberg SW6798.  The sales person at SW suggested I use their Emerald Interior Latex in the matte finish and that it would most likely cover in two coats.  Considering how dark the walls were before and how pale the new color is, I kind of had my doubts about not using a primer, however, I was thrilled how well the paint covered.  I almost didn’t need a second coat, but it looks beautiful with two.   I left the ceiling in Ivoire as it has a pale yellow hue that still keeps the maple vanity connected to something.

As I pulled out the medicine cabinet I realized I just didn’t like it next to my large bronze mirror (which I luuuuuuv…) so I will be filling that in with drywall, then spackle and paint it too.  I also noticed the lovely hand turkeys, ying/yang symbol and my children’s names and dates (they never were very sneaky with their graffiti, usually it included their own names)!

Last painted 2006, notice the hand

Last painted 2006, notice the hand turkeys…lol

SW6798 Iceberg...pretty pale soothing color

SW6798 Iceberg…pretty pale soothing color

In the meantime, I am putting a cool shell picture I have over the hole…I might just keep it there too.  I am adding a window treatment, easy and inexpensive and will show you that when completed and add some baskets to the wall as shelving instead of typical shelving.  You will see the finished bathroom next week.  Sure, let’s just paint the room, it will be easy, fast and cheap.  Uh huh…change the doorbell, get a new roof…nothing a few embellishments won’t fix.

2 Responses to Guest Bathroom Redo

  • How fantastic! What amazing artwork behind that medicine cabinet.

    Where did you get the bronze mirror. It is the prettiest bathroom mirror I have ever seen.

    • Thanks Sonja…I am really partial to that mirror too. It was a Home Goods find. I have a thing about not using a typical mirror in a bathroom, it’s nice to have something with a real wow factor to take the eye away from a toilet!

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