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Fresh Beet Salad to Die For

Golden beets just glowing

Golden beets just glowing

Growing up my mom and dad would eat pickled beets out of a jar, never a fresh beet salad.  I could not even go near the beet, bleeecht!  However, now I am older and have a much more refined palette (ha) and like foods other than just Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a raw Oscar Meyer cheese hot dog any day.

Now I am experimenting with food and flavors and a fresh beet salad is an interesting adventure in flavors and textures.

I was inspired when I saw fresh raw golden beets at the grocery store.  Usually I only see the red ones, so I bought both and here is what I did with them.

I cut the tops off, washed the beets and wrapped each color separately in heavy duty foil.  The red ones in one packet and the golden in another. Then cooked them at 450 degrees for one hour.

When done, I let them cool a bit and then took a dry paper towel and wiped the skins off the beets…they look glorious don’t you think?  The colors were beautiful.  I have never worked with a golden beet and seeing the glow and color just does somersaults in my decorator mind.

I cut them so their shape still showed and put them in a bowl. I also added two navel oranges and cut the sections out, being careful to cut the sections away from the skins (you can see how to do that online, I am sure you have all seen it done before).

I made a vinaigrette using the juice I squeezed from the two left over orange carcasses, 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard, about 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of agave nectar, 6 fresh mint leaves chopped and salt and pepper to taste.  Give the dressing a good whisk to bring it home.

Orange and beet segments swimming in the pool

Orange and beet segments swimming in the pool

Then I just put the beets and orange slices into the vinaigrette, covered and put in the fridge.

Everything pretty much turned red from the red beets…maybe next time I will put the golden beets and orange slices in some of the dressing separately so the colors remain.

At dinner I simply added arugula to a plate, added the beets and orange segments with a bit of the vinaigrette, some sunflower seeds (without the shells, of course), and topped it with creamy goat cheese.

Can you say, “fresh beet salad to die for”?  It was like eating candy and nothing like what my parents ate…thank goodness…sorry mom!

Fresh beet salad

Fresh beet salad

Do you have a vegetable that you would not touch as a kid and now it makes you swoon?  Tell me what you do with it…look out brussel sprouts!

9 Responses to Fresh Beet Salad to Die For

  • Janet, I’ve never seen golden beets before. Did you get them at Publix? I love fresh beets, and I love them cold. Your beet salad looks delicious. Thank you for your receipe. Your writing is very good and entertaining. Good Luck with your new babies!

  • Comment to Jenny. Detweiler has the most amazing picture postcard beets. Grew up on them pickled with garlic. They have baby beets in large ball jars ready to go if you like to cheat. I would like to know what to do with the greens. I hear they are very good, but have been afraid to work with them.

  • Why did my golden beets turn camouflage color? I kept the two colors apart…..added orange juice and left it overnight… The saving grace is that once I combined the two colors of beets it did turn everything red.

    • Red beets turn everything red, from the golden beets to the cheese, to your kitchen counter, your white blouse and your cream colored dog…just sayin. You should eat the salad really fast once you combine the golden beets with the red ones. Or…next time just use the golden beets alone, I think they are a tad sweeter and a bit more tender. Love ya, Thing 1!

  • Steam Brussels sprouts till tender…cook and crumble few pcs. bacon…add to sprouts …drizzle with maple syrup…sprinkle with sea salt and pepper…yum. of course you can add some chopped onion that was browned in bacon drippings.

    • I hated brussel sprouts until I roasted them with dried cranberries and walnuts. Now I am a convert and I think adding the maple syrup would be awesome. Of course, bacon NEVER hurts anything. Now how about asparagus…I am still on the fence.

      • Janet instead of maple syrup try balsamic vinegar that has been reduced down
        To a thick syrup and drizzle over your roasted Brussels sprouts yummy!!

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