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Fern’s New Year Resolutions

Sniffing the New Year's air

Sniffing the New Year’s air

Fern has a very interesting outlook on life.  A much more laid back approach unless the Fed Ex or UPS truck shows up on our street. Then, all bets are off and all life shoots to a Code RED!  The maniacal barking is ear splitting at best and the feverish panting and running from one end of the houses window to the other is astounding. So it goes with Fern.

This year she emailed me her resolutions and picked out a few items online that are her must haves from Amazon as noted below.  Feel free to buy one for your pooch, I am sure they are all on the same wavelength.

Her resolutions go something like this…

*(&^%$$&&(*( fed ex man ))(&&$*(#*$…not sure what this means, but I can only guess!

$U$#Y%)(($# UPS man (&$%(#@(@#*.  Again, don’t know if it is the man or the uniform…or the truck?

OUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuu!  I think this is her howling, which she does when she hears a siren or telephone.

Sleep, eat, poop and poop again.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  Obviously, she is buying something from Amazon.

Lookin good

Lookin good









Quick runnin'

Quick runnin’







This is where things get a bit sketchy!

Something soft

Something soft











Location location location

Location location location



















You know what, I just had a thought.  I wonder if she buys items from Amazon to make her feel good or make the Fed Ex guy show up???  Launcher??????????

Ordering from Amazon

Can you say, “keep um’ guessing”?

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