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I don’t know about you but when it comes to entertaining I LOVE to have my table make a statement.  Not having the luxury, the money or the space to have dishes for all occasions, what I have makes it look like I do.

Here is what is in my entertaining cabinet and what I play with when setting a fun, interesting and beautiful table.

20-25 plastic gold chargers, after Christmas sales

6 dark brown chargers

12 white dinner plates with a traditional black and gold patterned rim (wedding gift 30 years ago)

12 white dishes with a gold rim (Home Goods $12.99)

12 white dishes with scalloped gold rim with 12 saucers and coffee cups (garage sale $10)

12 red, green, black, white and gold patterned plates from Pottery Barn (it was a STEAL several years ago)

12 umber glass salad plates purchased with above (couldn’t pass it up)

24 white salad plates, 8 with gold stars, 8 with happy holidays in gold script, 8 with cherubs in gold and black (Home Goods $12.99)

6 each umber and sage green wine glasses (PB cheap after Christmas)

This may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t and I probably spent $100 max over ten years, at least.  What I do have is A LOT of options!

I bring home a lot of discontinued fabric samples from work so I have baskets full of colorful options.  Any holiday or theme can be pulled off with just a few switcheroos.

Easy place settings can be created in minutes by just using fabric or interesting baubles and accessories you have around the house.  All of my fabrics are individual pieces so I don’t have a set, but so what!

Every person at the table can pick their special setting or you could make simple place cards on each plate.  Just use a piece of colorful scrapbook paper (50 cents at your local craft store), fold in half and write their name using a gold paint pen.  Take that, Dollar Store!

Enjoy my easy place settings and see what you come up with by using what you have.

Autumn Dinner Party

Autumn Dinner Party

Black Tie Table Setting

Black Tie Table Setting

Holiday Place Setting

Holiday Place Setting

Christmas Eve Place Setting

Christmas Eve Place Setting

I need to work on my photos so they aren’t so blurry.  Anyone with ideas of that, please let me know…sorry about that.

Blame it on an earthquake.














2 Responses to Easy Place Settings

  • I really love the holiday place setting. Is it a burlap cloth that you’re using below the plate setting?

    • Hi Paula…yes, it is burlap. I bought by the yard from the fabric store…cheap, ran it down the center and just pulled a few strings on the edge for fringe. Just beware…it will keep on fraying but you can you some Fray Check on the edge so it stops. Or, if you don’t feel like going shopping and looking for that just mix a bit of Elmer’s glue with water, use your finger and run it along the back side as it dries clear. Welcome to my site, I am happy to have you!

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