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Blue and green inspiration

Blue and green inspiration

Design inspiration can come from anywhere.  Today, Punkin sent me a picture of a beautiful road with a canopy of green trees hanging over it.  It was, indeed, gorgeous and inspirational.  So, I got in the car and went in search of my own inspiration and a couple of blocks away, I found it.  It was a simple pasture with cows, however, it was the color that made me take the shot with my phone. 

The blue of the sky along with the lush green grass and the grazing cows was brilliant and calming all at the same time. 

While I was getting ready to put the picture on Instagram the colors grabbed me again.  So with inspiration striking one more time I decided to turn it into something in my home; a place setting for one.


Blue and green place setting

Blue and green place setting

Why not?  Setting a lovely table doesn’t have to only happen when you have company.  In fact, it is nice to do it for one or two because not everyone has a table setting for 12 using all of the same elements.  Most of the pieces are pretty much just onesies.  For instance, I only have one frog.  The butterfly plate is a set of four, all being different colors and the green just played well off the blue placemat.  Just like the green grass playing off of the azure blue sky. 

The martini glass with the blue glass bottom could be filled with a cold shrimp salad or a lettuce cup filled with a chicken salad.  Or, my favorite, a martini!

I am going to take another picture to see if I can get the martini glass to show better so hang on a minute, I will be right back. 

2nd place setting example

2nd place setting example

Okay, I think this picture is a bit better because you can see the martini glass and I just shifted the napkin horizontally under the plate.  Not a big change, but you can see the elements clearer. 

See how simple it is to come up with ideas just from a pretty landscape.  I am telling you, go out tomorrow morning because mornings can have such a beautiful light, quietness and solitude about them and take a few pictures.  It could be color, texture or the element itself that allows your mind to wander and create something pretty in your home.  Although, I must say that sunset has great light too but everyone is on the road trying to get home and it doesn’t have the same mental clarity that the mornings have for me. 

Then just start with a tiny little corner of your space, like a place setting or a small shelf or table, your fireplace mantle or even your kitchen window sill and see what you come up with.  Trust me, you will start using this exercise again…I promise.

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  • There are cows in Florida?! Lol!

    Beautiful…I often save pictures that someone posts on Facebook, or from Pinterestto keep for inspiration when I paint.

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