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Where do your design ideas come from?

Where do your design ideas come from?

Where do my design ideas come from?  Absolutely everywhere…and I mean everywhere.  You can come up with those ideas for your own home as well.  Usually.  It helps to be a visual type person.

I realized that my gift for design happens in my mind, I see what is in front of me and then as my clients talk about their desires and we look at the space, everything just falls into place as I watch and think about it.  Some people have other gifts.  Like able to walk and chew gum at the same time, that still alludes me.  Or able to name every actor and actress in a movie…I just don’t know who these people are.  That is because I am thinking about your space, not the tv shows…sheesh!

Anyway, look around you…what do you see.  Your dog?  What are the colors, gray, silver and white or cream and brown?

Your flower garden with greens, blue and chartreuse?

Maybe your closet with your favorite burnt orange sweater, washed out jeans and the best worn cowboy boots ever…these things can give you ideas.

All of these colors and textures can translate into color schemes and ways of decorating your home, take what you already love and are drawn to.  Don’t be afraid to experiment as you close your eyes when you go to bed (no, we are not talking about THAT…although I suppose you could come up with a Shades of Gray thing), think of what makes you smile and how it can become a wonderful room in your home.

What makes you smile makes for good design

What makes you smile makes for good design

It also separates the good designers from the great ones!

It also separates the good designers from the great ones!

Tell me that whatever these people were thinking doesn’t just make you smile.  It makes me smile a lot, it scares the hell out of my husband!

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