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Design Bloggers Conference 2016

Fern at computerGuess where I am going?  Yup you guessed it, the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, GA.  From March 6th thru the 8th and as some of you may know, that involves getting on an airplane and that involves a good stiff drink the night before early in the morning.  I am not a good flyer by any means (I have almost been carted off an airplane because I was spasing out) so for me to do this you know I WANT to go very, very badly.

This conference is for designers, bloggers, wannabe designers and design bloggers (that’s me) and anyone else that has an inkling for interior and exterior decorating and/or blogging about them.  The keynote speakers will be Cynthia Rowley, India Hicks, Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner.  These are a few names that you have probably followed or know who they are because of their fame in the interior design world, travel and fashion.

These speakers and seminars that are happening are geared for us to learn our craft through social media and how to fine tune our blogs and where to turn and is a great opportunity to meet some of the worlds great design tastemakers in person!

I can’t wait to be in a room filled with the same like minded types and being able to tap into their resources and make acquaintances that, hopefully, will last a lifetime and can possibly be stepping stones into our futures.

Also, another exciting happening is that you will be able to listen to me ask Kim Komando of The Kim Komando Show, one of America’s top weekend talk radio programs about all things digital, on Friday between 4:15 and 4:30 about where to turn when starting a blog, which social media are the best to forge through and learn from and what hardware items are the best in order to pull together a good blog and get and keep readers.  In Florida Kim Komando’s show is heard on talk radio 930 AM WLSS, so check your time and channels on her website!  How exciting, right?

When I return from Atlanta, I will have a full breakdown for you about what I learned and hopefully show you pics of myself with my new BFF’s Cyn, India, Mary and Nathan as we hobnob together at the Design Bloggers Conference, sorry, just dreaming out loud.  Hey, it could happen.


4 Responses to Design Bloggers Conference 2016

  • You’ll do just great. Bring a big fat novel and bury yourself in it. Or use it to clobber the person sitting next to you. Great way to start a conversation for distraction. The oxygen is above your head and the bag is in the pocket in front of you. Happy flying.

    • Or, you could come with me. No, you’ll only get clobbered with a book. I can’t wait to hear and meet all of these people, it’s going to be fabulous.

  • You are a natural….Fly Janet fly up up to the sky.

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