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What to Get for a Birthday Gift?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Now that we are empty nesters, life is wonderful!  So what to get for a birthday gift?  How about another dog…what?  I know, I know, it just kinda happened.

We had just come home from our week long Disney vacation and I stopped in to get some dog food at Pet Supermarket.  There was a dog rescue there showing… Continue reading

Fern’s New Year Resolutions

Sniffing the New Year's air

Sniffing the New Year’s air

Fern has a very interesting outlook on life.  A much more laid back approach unless the Fed Ex or UPS truck shows up on our street. Then, all bets are off and all life shoots to a Code RED!  The maniacal barking is ear splitting at best and the feverish panting and running from one end of the houses window to… Continue reading

Fern makes me smile

Fern on patrol

Fern on patrol

Fern is not a spoiled pup.  She is not given everything she wants.  Fern does not rule the house.  I am lying!  Fern is spoiled, given everything she wants and rules the house.

I am okay with that, someone needs to rule and there are times I just can’t be there with my scepter.   At those times, I pass… Continue reading

Meet Jingle



To meet Jingle is to love Jingle, he is our other Chihuahua.  He’s a sleeper.  Yup, loves to sleep.  Wakes up just so he can go back to sleep.  Every now and then he runs too…after Fern.  She has to instigate or nip at his heels and he has to be interested…and not asleep.
I would tell you more about him,… Continue reading Cheap Stuff Our Love Rants and Raves
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