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Hate It – Daylight Savings Time?

Clock Wall and Easter 2014 032

Do we really need Daylight Savings Time?  I don’t think so.  While I did a little research online and came across an article from a sleep study, it shows that there are more fatal accidents, heart attacks and injuries on the job after the changing of the clock.  Plus, in Arizona, where they do not participate, except a few Indian reservations that do, they… Continue reading

Hate It! Bad Design Ideas

Deer Antler TP Holder

Deer Antler TP Holder

Open any magazine on the market and you will see beautifully designed rooms that are perfectly put together.  They make you want to run out and purchase those items and have a room just like it.  However, where is the magazine that has bad design ideas?

Do you want to see some of them?  Take a look at one of the… Continue reading

Love It! Cabinet Hardware 1-1.5" and $24.00

What is not to love about cabinet hardware?  You can find beautiful silver, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, nickel or chrome finishes in contemporary, traditional, eclectic and a myriad of other styles.  The prices range from pennies to a few hundred depending on the metal content or even precious and semi-precious stones.

Cabinet hardware is a love of mine.  It can be used in so… Continue reading

Love It! The Secret to Collecting


Clock collection

Clock collection

Just because you have a bunch of shit, does not a collection make and there is a secret to collecting…unless you collect shit.  (Display it well sister!) I collect clocks,  I sometimes collect seashells.  I used to collect chickens and roosters, but have given many away…except Foghorn, Punkin won’t let me get rid of him.  I’d love to start collecting wine… Continue reading Cheap Stuff Our Love Rants and Raves
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Embellish \im-'be-lish\
1. to make beautiful with ornamentation embchocolatebox

2. to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details. embchocolatebox

3. to make a crappy story sound a whole lot better. embchocolatebox
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