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Bulletin Board

Button covered bulletin board

Button covered bulletin board

So you need a bulletin board.  Okay, I have to admit, I made this about a month ago before my blog went live and I didn’t get before photos.  My bad….  I can tell you how to do this…so simple…and cheap!

I found an ugly picture at Salvation Army that was a cheap canvas wrapped around a simple wood 1″ x 1″ frame.  The picture was 24 x 30 and only $1.00…score!  It was some abstract animal, flower, sailboat thingy…not my style.  Not anyone’s style…at least it shouldn’t be.  So, I pulled the small staples on the back and pulled off the canvas.  Then I just used a simple batting that I bought at JoAnn Fabrics along with a fabric that I bought to use in my office.  Since the hubs (aka Punkin) has a workshop out back with all kinds of tools and fancy tool stuff, I have an air compressor staple gun to use.  Just lay the frame over the top of the batting, over the top of the fabric, wrap over the frame and staple.  Start in the center of the top then the bottom, pulling tightly.  Then side to side, pulling tightly as well and struggle at the corners until you get it right…it takes some finagalling (spelling???) maybe even some cutting of fabric and many staples.  Make sure all sides are securely stapled and you may have to flip over from time to time to be sure your pattern is not going all cattywampus (spelling again).

At this point I needed some simple ribbon and selected a solid white and striped black and white.  I layed them over the right side to see how they would lay out…used pins to pin them down on the right side and then wrapped them to the back and stapled them down too.  (I am so sorry I don’t have pictures, and this will NEVER happen again, ask me questions if you need to.)

I collect old buttons and had a bag of them I purchased from Ebay.  I wanted to use them at each cross section of the ribbons on the right side.  Using interesting shapes and neutral colors I layed them out.  Then just using some thread (heavy nylon) I sewed each button on by hand at each intersecting ribbon.  This took the longest because I could not see the underside so I kept using the needle to poke, poke, poke through from the underside until I hit the holes in the buttons and then pulling the needle up through the button.  Needlesstosay, I used a thimble as my fingers were getting poked and I didn’t want to bleed on my new bulletin board.  Can you say “ouch”…a lot?

In the end, the look is just what I wanted and all my pics and ideas and notes of things to do can just be stuck behind the ribbons, without the need for magnets or other “sharp” tacks!  This bulletin board was really cheap and relatively easy to make.  You could use a fabric remnant and a regular staple gun.  Instead of buttons you could glue down objects that you collect, bottle caps, coins, sew down silk flowers, cool large beads, shells…just embellish what you love and make the bulletin board your own.

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