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My name is Janet Timinsky.  I have a daughter, Alexa 27 and a son, Andy 25.  I am married to one lucky guy, Jim, or as I affectionately call him, “Punkin”.  Not Pumpkin, there is a big difference.  I mean I could either get a stock boy bringing me a can of pureed mushy orange goo or a good looking man…see, big difference!  We also have two chihuahuas, Jingle and Fern.

As a self taught decorator, crafter, gardener and foodie, I have always wanted to leave some mark or footprint (clean or muddy) in this life.  Starting this blog may be part of that muddy footprint…or just one big smudge.

I have been a design consultant for the last ten years, which has allowed me to follow my passion for interior decorating.  The world of “blogging” has given so many of us a new perspective and opens us up to the realm of new possibilities.  Well, I want to play too!

I love to create beautiful spaces, unexpected art, interior embellishments (maybe refurbished, renewed or reworked furniture, accessories or whatnots) and other unique pieces of wonderfulness.  I want to dabble with fabulous foods and breathtaking gardens and I want to share those ideas with others.  Of course that all sounds so romantic and a perfect life, but there are also the funny and embarrassing moments that can rear their ugly heads right in the middle of fabulousness and I want to share those things as well.

My feelings about life are to follow your passion, be the best you can be and do good things for others.  I have so realized that life is not a dress rehearsal and we do not get a do-over at age 70, so if you want to do something different or unusual, jump and the net will appear.

So, here I go, I am jumping………where’s the damn net……..where’s the net…….Puuuuuuunnnnnnnkkkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnn??????????  No…I said Punkin, not pumpkin, oh crap….here comes the orange goo! Cheap Stuff Our Love Rants and Raves
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If you would like help in creating a beautiful home you will fall in love with, contact me about my design services Here.
Janet TiminskyI love being a decorator & coming up with ideas and "embellishments" for my client's homes. Style should be what makes you smile, comfortable,livable & honest. Just remember, sometimes when you change the doorbell you end up changing the roof. ~Janet Timinsky
Embellish \im-'be-lish\
1. to make beautiful with ornamentation embchocolatebox

2. to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details. embchocolatebox

3. to make a crappy story sound a whole lot better. embchocolatebox
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