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50th Surprise Birthday Party!

Pondering the past year

Pondering the past year

Last September 19th was the best surprise birthday party I ever had!  It was the only surprise birthday party I ever had!  I can’t tell you how amazing it was and how ugly I am when I cry unless I show you the picture, however, I think I burned it, it was ugly, I just can’t embellish enough on that one!

My cake was a Mickey Mouse masterpiece.   The fact that my family and everyone I work with kept a secret, which believe me, no one I work with can keep a secret longer than a breath, was amazing.  All these well wishers were astonishing to me.  I love to entertain and plan parties and to have one planned and executed for me was such a wonderful gift.

Now that I am going to turn 51 on Friday I want to note some of the highlights and lowlights this last year.  The party was the start of a wonderful year, kind of.

  • My daughter, Alexa and her boyfriend Brett, became engaged in December…love is sweet.


Alexa and Brett

Alexa and Brett

  • I had a hysterectomy in January!  Woo hoo, sex without birth control!  Love it!  (oh, I should put that in my Love It Hate It segment…note to self).
  • I hemorrhaged 20 days later and almost died the night of the 29th.  (Goes in the Hate It segment for sure.) I saw the light and for the second time within two years was not drawn to it, yet.  Punkin, Alexa and Andy and all the prayers of my friends and family brought me back yet again.  Although, in the Love It segment could go the “able to have Dilauded whenever I wanted to” because I was in ICU for four days!  See, silver lining in everything!
  • In fear for my life to ever have sex again (with or without birth control) after the January 29th episode!
  • Married 29 years in April of this year…and to the same Punkin!  Now that is a feat in itself (especially with the fear of sex now fully imbedded in our life)!

Special note here, no pictures of the last four items because they only involved pictures of a uterus, blood, lots of blood, more blood, blood transfusions, pills and no sex…I mean who needs to see that stuff?

And number ONE thing…going to Disney in three days to celebrate my 51st birthday (sex or no sex, who the hell cares?)  ITS DISNEY FOR HEAVEN SAKES!

What amazing things happened to you this year?  Go ahead, tell me about your “Dilauded” and “no sex”…oh, that’s just me!  Tell me anyway, I can live vicariously through you.

Can you say cake?

Can you say cake?


11 Responses to 50th Surprise Birthday Party!

  • Janet, I’m so happy you are alive and doing well!! Miss ya and would love to meet up for a sip &dip.
    I enjoyed reading the blog, you are a talented writer as well as a fantastic designer!!

    Hopefully see ya soon

    • Karen, we really do need to get together soon, after Disney for sure, You know, I wonder now with all this talk about Disney is my house going to be burglarized because the bad guys know were gone??…hmmmmmmm

  • Janet, I’m so happy you are alive and doing well!! Miss ya and would love to meet up for a sip & dip.
    I enjoyed reading the blog, you are a talented writer as well as a fantastic designer!!

    Hopefully see ya soon

  • So glad to see you back on your blog! Happy Birthday to my longtime friend (I won’t say OLD!!!) For some reason, your bday is etched in my brain, I always seem to remember! Enjoy your day!

    • Boy, we do go way back, don’t we? Don’t ever say old…why is my birthday etched in your brain, that’s weird. I am taking a class on blogging and my goal, when we get back from Disney, is to post 4 to 5 times a week. I can’t believe how hard it is and you have to be taking pictures of everything at every moment, but I really want this to work. The best way is to have my readers comment and really start conversations with each other too. The only place I refuse to take the camera is the bathroom, although that could be a really interesting post, right?

      • Where does one take a class on blogging? I suppose like anything it’s a habit, something to get used to doing…I’ve enjoyed what you written so far!

        • You go to one of my favorite bloggers ever will blow you away. Karen just had her first webinar this week which I attended. She tells you everything you need to know and how to begin, plus you make new contacts who are going through the same thing. You learn the importance of great photos, advertising, how to make money from blogging, truly a webinar for the starter or those thinking about blogging or having a website. It is so worth the money to watch something like this, it was an hour in the evening for five nights! The coolest thing is I could wear my Crest Whitestrips and slippers and nobody was the wiser!

  • Happy birthday to you. And since I was at the party , I in fact do have party pictures…

  • I do miss you! Sorry I missed the party, but let’s have one ourselves. You, me , Karen would be fantastic!

  • It is funny how different people react to a fun surprise ……some beam and laugh and some just melt down. I guess it is because you LOVE to entertain and bring joy to those around you, that you weren’t prepared for it.

    Your face was really funny tho….thought you were angry.

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